The Story

The Idea

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Matt Addison is a Florida native herbalist, and a member of the American herbalist guild, he truly believes that with the right balance of whole foods and herbs you can help the bodies natural healing process; Thus the Herbal Pops brain child was born, Matt has a knack for the healing arts, from Tai-chi to Qigong, acupressure to meditation, anytime someone complained about something hurting or aching Matt would jump in to give some tips, or teach someone how to give themselves a healing acupressure massage, he decided he wanted to take it a step further so he started going to Traditions school of herbal studies for TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) under the guidance of Dr.Bob Linde.

Herbal Pops popped into Matts brain back in 2017 after his first bite of a lavender popsicle.

a few years later after learning the ends and outs of what he needed to do to manifest his dream,

he debuted HerbalPops rather last minute at the American herbalist guilds (AHG) 'Decadent Dessert' networking event. He gained such great feed back and love for HerbalPops he had no choice but to completely focus his intention and energy toward creating delicious healing Pops!

What is an herbalist doing making Popsicles??

Matts extensive history with teaching children of all ages he decided he wanted to help teach the world about the benefits of herbs, and whole foods. What better way to teach, then to make something everyone can enjoy!

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The Why

" I want to spread the knowledge about how healing your food can be, even with a delicious sweet popsicle"
                                _Matt Addison